Ride Report: 03.08.09

This was a weekend for home projects, but I had also wanted to get in a longish ride at some point.  I define longish in the context of this being the beginning of my riding season and I’m pretty much out of shape.

Most of my Sunday afternoon was spent re-installing a garage door opener.  The cold temps last month caused a plastic gear inside to get brittle and strip, so that was easy to take care of with some help from the internet.  The other issue was that the original installation wasn’t that great, so I wanted to beef up the mounts a bit.  That took time, and making the adjustments to the chain mechanism took even more time.  But in the end everything worked and I probably saved about $150 by doing it myself.  It was one of two projects this weekend that went completely according to plan – what’s up with that?

So my ride involved getting a late start and rolling out to Messiah again.  It’s good for me this time of year because the route only has moderate hills.  Once I got out there, I headed for the sports fields and was greeted by this pretty old girl:


She was sitting next to the covered bridge with the owner nowhere in sight.  I can only guess that maybe they were across the way on the tennis court.  No lock either… these kids are so trusting, and college campuses can be rather insulated from the rest of the world.  Also, because it was a Sunday evening, things were otherwise very quiet.

I stopped at the rope bridge to enjoy the scenery and a granola bar.


My next move was to tool around the campus a bit and check out the sites, but it was pretty overcast and starting to get dark.  On with the lights and head for home.

I took the usual detour on to McCormick Road and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the Yellow Breeches.  Here I stopped to admire these minor rapids.


The remainder of the ride home was uneventful, except for the deer.  I counted 12 of them, and I suspect there were quite a few more out and about.  ‘fairly dark by the time I hit the homefront, but certainly nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Misc. miles: 4.6

Distance: 25.3 miles  2009: 126.9

2 responses to “Ride Report: 03.08.09

  1. That is a sweet looking cruiser…gotta love that blue and white paint job.

  2. Yup. pristine. I love the whitewalls and the racks.

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