The good news is that I managed to get out for a very short, but glorious spin; over to the church and back yesterday morning.  Morning temps were in the mid 40s, and although quite gusty, it was just impossible not to hop on the trucker and stretch my legs.  Given how great it felt, I can only imagine what it would have been like to get some extra miles in.  Last February I had no miles logged.


But life in general is getting in the way, with the weekend spent catching up on sleep from a very busy week, and taking care of business in general.  Saturday I had little energy, despite having all kinds of things piled up that needed attention.  Our house is getting me in a funk lately.  There is always something to do when you own a home, but pulling into the garage Friday night the door stopped at halfway up; and then I get inside and the lights are not working.  I unhooked the door opener, figuring to work on it later, and proceeded to change the flourescent bulbs in all of the fixtures.  Not too much luck.  I think all of the ballasts probably need replaced, so might as well replace all of the fixtures – the colder weather probably is to blame.  I don’t have any clue on the opener.  It’s original to the house, and it sounds like something internal has slipped since the motor is turning, but the gear is not spinning.

In the winter our garage becomes a major disaster.  With the cold, things just get tossed rather than put away; and projects pile up on the work bench.  Add the fact that the animals will spend the day in there while we are out, and you can kind of fit the pieces together.  The first warm days of spring usually bring a major project with clearing everything out and hosing the place down.

So work has me a little stressed with all the budget cutting talk, my house is falling apart, college costs are looming, and I can’t get out to ride.  On top of all that, I cracked a rib.  I was working on a stuck tailgate on the Pig last weekend, and attempted to jar it loose using my chest.  As soon as I did it, I knew what happened.  Since I’ve had cracked ribs before, I know that there really is nothing that can be done, other than bare the pain for about three weeks.  It hurts to lift heavy objects, and I have to grip my side to cough, but otherwise I’ll manage.

Happier days ahead, right?

Distance: 2 miles  2009: 32.7


One response to “Spew

  1. I feel your pain. I cracked a rib a few years ago while riding my mtb…they hurt like a mf’er.

    Live near a gym?

    I just joined a 24 hr gym so I can work out at 4 AM 🙂

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