Winter Blues

and it’s not just me.  All you have to do is surf around and see that most of the bloggers are either in hiatus, hybernation, or generally miserable.  At least the Veloterrorist and I got out for a few short miles last Friday (I didn’t even bother to log them yet.)  I rode the X bike with him and half decided that my plans to move over the knobby tires to it were silly because it was so much fun and comfortable just the way it was…we’ll see how that changes next week.  And then as I was putting it away I hopped on the Long Haul Trucker and took it for a spin around the neighborhood.

But I keep fighting to stay optimistic.  I figure all we need do is make it through February, and then March will present intermittent opportunities to ride.  For now, I’m staying off of the ice and watching my ever-expanding waist line.


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