Dog Days

Usually dog days refers to that period in mid August where the temperatures are so high that its best just to stay in the shade and sip lemonade.  For this biker, however, right now are my dog days.  As prepared as I am for riding in the cold dark evenings, I am not prepared for it being quite this cold.  My main concern, though, is the ice.  Out in the boonies, its not unusual to get some thawing in the afternoon, then have the cars spread it around, and towards evening, a very thin layer of ice might freeze up on a section of road.  I’d rather not encounter that right now, so I’ll wait it out a few weeks until we start to see some warmer temps.

The only exercise I’m getting lately is carrying firewood into the house, and then doing some cutting and splitting on weekends.  I really didn’t get a jump on this season’s supply until late, and now I’m just a little concerned about running out.  I have a good supply of lighter hardwoods (walnut and cherry) that work great for March and April, but what I have for the really cold months is not really dry enough yet.  Plus, this winter has been colder than usual, prompting more wood use.  Fortunately, I got a call on a red oak tree that blew down a few years back, but fell in such a way that a good portion of it is off the ground.  I hope to get to that this weekend because it can go straight from the truck into the stove.

Speaking of truck, my tailgate latch snapped off.  Typical Ford, if the tailgate isn’t broken, you must not use it.  I guess I need to figure out what’s up and how to fix it, because right now it is stuck on closed and I need it working.

I’m going to fiddle around with the X bike and mount the big tires on it.  That will mean taking off the fenders for now, but I think it will be fun to have a snow bike available.  I’m also going to pick up a cheap rack for the front, so the two racks will keep some of the muck off of me, if not the frame.

The blog has two new links:  first is BikeMovement 2009.  This blog is about two young guys from Eastern Mennonite University touring to Paraguay from Virginia.  The content is as much about religion as it is about biking, so I think it provides a really unique perspective about being on the road.  So far, they have some neat stories.

The second is for the new Google Group, Bike Harrisburg.  Sloth has set this up as an outgrowth of the Critical Mass ride, and should present an excellent overall forum for local bike discussion as well as organizing rides in addition to CM.  If you have an interest, please join up.

fight-nightFinally, speaking of lack of exercise, my two sons got each other video games as gifts for Christmas.  My oldest got a pretty wild boxing game where you get to configure your fighter in great detail (seems like you can do this with all of the games now).  What is unique is that part of your fighter’s success in the ring is dependent on his training.

So imagine what was going through my mind the other morning when I came downstairs to see my son lying on the couch with a video controller, having his fighter doing curls on the tube.  Sheesh!


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