Ride Report: 12.30.08

So maybe I’m not a complete slug…  I had been thinking about taking a longish ride tomorrow.  I knew it would be cold, but wasn’t sure about the wind.  (At this point it looks like 15mph, which is probably enough to keep me inside.)  Anyway, I wanted to get the clothing right, and I needed to push myself into getting some physical activity.

For a longish ride, I wanted some padding, which meant either wearing shorts over tights, buying some underlayer shorts, or picking up a pair of leg warmers to wear with shorts, all under a pair of wind pants.  Well, after some thought and really heroic restraint, I took a pair of scissors to the scratchy wool blend tights that I had in strorage for 20 years.  I combined those with a pair of baggy shorts and wool socks, all under the wind pants.  Other than some occassional cold feet, I was fine.

For the upper body, I layered my Underarmor winter shirt (I think they refer to it as a Class 2 now) with a lightweight wool shirt “Dale of Norway.”  On top of that I wore the Illuminite jacket.  I’m not sure what to do here.  The shirts are wicking exactly like they are supposed to, but then the air flow through the material will give me a chill.  I’m thinking that maybe I should just go with the wool shirt under a heavier wool sweater, which will still allow air flow, but provide better insulating properties.

The only part of me that was really cold was my face, and I only had on a wool cap, not the Balaclava.

BTW: My computer had 29F reading when I got home.  I basically did a common ride into Fairview Township and then back to Newberry.

Distance: 11.5 miles  2008: 1602.6


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