I’m a Slug

Rather than crank out a quick 9 miles last night, I convinced myself that “it’s not about the numbers” and opted to veg out on the couch and watch mindless television shows.  I’ve managed to gain about 5 pounds in December, and I think it’s had an impact on my motivation because I no longer find myself jonesing to ride, or get in any type of workout for that matter.  I guess New Years will have to break me out of this slump.

Kent Peterson has been blogging for much of his riding career and posted a link to The Internet Wayback Machine, which is an archive of old pages long gone from the current blogesphere.  On a whim, I checked out an old rowing site and found this pic of me:

This was me during the Nationals in 1988.  The “lightweight days” caption was part of an article about lightweight classed rowers who had to row in heavyweight events at the national level.  In this pic, I weighed 157 pounds.  (this morning I was 185.  Probably half of that additional poundage is muscle, but I’m also carrying a mini-spare around my waist that has got to go!)

A couple points of trivia that is meaningless to all but me:  the boat was a brand new Van Dusen single that was custom made for me.  VDs were known for being stupidly light, very hard to “set up”, but amazing fast once you got it all together.  It weighed 27 pounds and had to have weights added to row in national events and be legal.  Yet the oars are old school Staempfli wooden spoons.  I was one of the last holdouts and I didn’t convert to carbon until a year later.  And then I leapfrogged everyone else by getting a few pair of Winged blades.  I remember that the boat cost $4500 in 1988 dollars.  I ended up selling it a few years later because I it was just too hard to get comfortable in it.  Those old oars are probably worth about $1500 today because of collectors.

I also notice my sneakers tucked in the well because there was no place on the dock to store them.  That was blasphemy to carry around that extra weight.  At this point in my life, I worked out twice, sometimes three times a day; getting up at 5am and getting home around 8pm.  I would usually stop off and pic up a large pizza, come home and finish off the whole thing before bed.  Still, I didn’t gain a pound.  Oh my…

In other news, I notice that alot of people are fighting bad colds and flu.  I’ve been lucky thus far, but I notice that I am getting a little weird about germs.  The other night someone shook hands with me and then I realized they had a cold.  As soon as I could I practically ran into a bathroom to wash my hands and then kind of avoided them for the rest of the evening.  Sooner or later I’ll get mine.

For Christmas, I got a lot of books.  My oldest son got me Lance Armstrong’s “Its Not About the Bike.”  He didn’t know that I had already read it, but I’m really pleased with the thought.  He knows I like to ride, and he knows I like to read.  So on his own, he went out and found this gift for me, showing some real thought.  My daughter got me a copy of “The World is Flat” which she had to read for a school economics class.  The teacher has the students comment on a blog, and he invited parents to participate.  You can guess who entered the fray to impress these young impressionable minds.  My daughter probably learned more about my political beliefs by exchanging blog comments than she ever would have talking to me.  It’s a cool approach and props to the teacher for using technology that the kids relate to.  Hopefully a few of them will now register as Libetarians when they are old enough.

Anyway, time to start thinking about the year past and the year ahead.  Stay tuned.


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