Ride Report: 12.26.08, Critical Mass

The rest of the family has made their annual quest to Florida for the holidays, so I had a Friday evening to myself.  Lo and behold, I remembered the CM ride and confirmed that it was happening.  So I blasted home from the city, changed into some warm clothes, loaded the Trucker, and blasted back to the city.  ‘parked on the island and road across on the bridge to Front and Walnut, arriving about 15 minutes early.  No one was around (it was about 40F and drizzle), so I cruised up the bike path to Forster and back.  Around six, two riders show up, including Ross, who is the leader of this leaderless venture.

It was a fun ride, and Ross is a great tour guide.  He is one of the, if not the, energy behind Recycle Bicycle.  This also took up the bulk of the conversation because the workshop/storage facility in Harrisburg has been condemned, and Ross is trying to get the city to give him access to a nice looking structure uptown.  Plus…he has to move 600 bikes and find a place to keep them.  It’s a great program, and I hope it all works out for him and the crew.  His enthusiasm is infectuous, and it’s obvious he is one of those people who is quietly making a difference – not only in the bike world, but in the world as a whole.

That aside, the three of us toodled around the downtown and part of the uptown for about an hour.  By strictly following all traffic rules, we only managed to upset one driver, and he was in an otherwise empty CAT bus.  It’s been a long time since I have been up above the Broad Street Market, and I was amazed at the changes.  I want to go back in daylight to see if it was just the Christmas decorations, or if in fact those neighborhoods are really that nice!

We eventually got back to Front and Walnut, shook hands, and then all rode back over to the Island to load up.  Our third rider had just moved back into the area, so he chose to continue exploring the island for a bit.  He was on an old single speed that was perfect for the type of ride we had.

In other news, I’m on a kick to get things repaired.  Our PC came down with Spyware Guard 2008, which is a rather annoying trojan.  My copy of Windows Defender catches it, but the thing has installed something in the registry that allows it to re-infect the system every time it reboots.  On top of that, it has managed to block the updates to all of the legitimate virus software I have.  So, it’s going in the shop.  (Sorry George, but it’s just easier for me to drop it off at a place near my office.)

My daughter’s Ipod crapped out, and I think it might just be the battery.  I found directions on how to change it, but I’m not comfortable with what I would need to do.  Plus, if it’s not the battery, I’d prefer to have someone who can run diagnostics check it out.  A quick Google search discovered that Flight Systems, which is on my way to work, does Ipod repairs.  But this morning I stop off at their site.  At 8:15, I went into two different entrances that looked like offices, and found lights on, doors unlocked, but no people.  No security whatsoever.  As I was leaving, I spotted one guy walking back into the office, but it was almost as if he waited to come out after I left.  Weird.  Anyway, I’ll just call and see if I can find out where to go with it on my way home tonight.

Tomorrow; I need to drop off a pair of shoes and a vacuum cleaner for fixing.  The list never ends.

So I need to ride 9 miles in the next two days if I’m to break 1600 for the year.  I want to do a “longish” ride on New Year’s Day, so maybe tonight.

Distance: 5.6 miles  2008: 1591.1


One response to “Ride Report: 12.26.08, Critical Mass

  1. It’s all good…that’s an easy fix. Your shop should have your box back up and running in no time.

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