Ride Report: 12.02.08

Felt antsy enough last night that I figured I had enough warm clothing to brave the cold.  Around 8:30pm it was 24F according to the Planet Bike Computer.  Upper body I had on an Underarmor shirt, heavy wool sweater, and the Illuminite jacket.  Lower body I had on a pair of Polartec pants and wool socks. 

After the initial 10 minute brain freeze I warmed up and was able to assess how I was doing.  Upper body felt good.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I had been sweating pretty good.  Otherwise, the moisture wicked away from my skin and I was pretty comfortable.  I can probably get away with a lighter weight wool sweater.

Lower body was cold.  I should have kept the wind pants.  Ultimately my crotch area went numb and was all pretty red by the time I got home.  Also the Polartec without a padding or liner gets a little abrasive after a while.  I found an old pair of wool tights that I’ll try next time under a pair of wind pants.

The cheap wool Thinsulate gloves that I have are probably the best investment I’ve made, and the Nike balaclava continues to work great.

It was a dark night, and the thought occured to me as I was slogging along that it must get pretty boring during brevets when riding through the night.  There is no scenery and few points of reference.  I’m not sure I could do it.

Oh, and my bike needs lubed.

Mileage: 12. 6 miles  2008: 1577


One response to “Ride Report: 12.02.08

  1. Winter riding is surely different. Adjusting the layer to match the weather can be a challenge.

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