Contact Lenses

I forgot to mention an issue that has cropped up on longer rides.  I’ve worn contacts since my twenties.  I went through some issues, but finally got a perscription that works and have had them for quite a few years.  I take them out at night, but have noticed that if I leave them in, they get really dry.

So I’ve noticed that my focus deteriorates on longer rides.  I wear protective glasses, and don’t feel any discomfort other than trying to squint to read a sign or what-not.

Could this be that the wind is drying out my lenses, or could the exercise possibly be reshaping my cornea temporarily?  I guess I should try taking some eye drops along next time.

Anyone else having this problem?


One response to “Contact Lenses

  1. Nope, but when I started wearing bifocal a few years ago…*that* was quite an adjustment when I was riding trails.

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