Ride Report: 11.10.08

I was hoping for a more relaxed ride where I could stop more and take pictures, but this one was somewhat rushed because I had to get back to pick up my son returning from a camping trip.  I also don’t know where I got it in my head to do such a long effort since I really don’t have the fitness built up lately.  Anyway, despite the cold snap and the wind, I wanted to make it to Newville and then come back through Carlisle.

I left the house a little after 8:00 and headed west.  Just like the weather report said, there were 10-15mph winds…coming out of the west.  There were some tough spots, but it was just a matter of pacing it accordingly.  I’m finding it takes some discipline to hold back a bit in order to last the entire ride.

The route was Lisburn Road past Messiah, over to Williams Grove, then Creek Road to Boiling Springs.  From there over to Mount Holly Springs where I stopped for coffee; then across Pines Road past Kings Gap, turning north onto 233.  Had I followed that all the way, I would have made it to Newville, but I had to turn east to head back.  Route 11 is a fast road with a wide berm and good pavement.  Then through downtown Carlisle to Route 74, out to Williams Grove Road and return, taking a slight detour onto McCormick to ride along the Yellow Breeches again.  All told, 69.4 miles.  I was mentally tempted to go a little further at the end just to break 70, but my legs were done, and it looked to inviting to come in the house and sit next to the wood stove for a spell.

Some randomness:  I stopped twice at quik marts for food.  Each time someone came up and started asking questions about the ride and the bike.  Temps were 40-44.  I dressed with an Underarmor shirt and a light fleeced pullover windbreaker and wind pants over riding shorts, wool socks and Thinsulate gloves.  The only cold parts were my feet, which I figure was the poor circulation; and my wrists, which oddly enough was due to sweat.  Other than that, as long as I kept moving, I was warm.

If there is a recession coming, someone needs to tell all of the construction vehicles on the road today.  They were all over Lisburn Road, Ashcombes, the Pennsy quarry near Kings Gap, and along Route 233 where it looks like they are building another mega-warehouse in that area.

With the weather being a bit overcast, I ran the front light most of the trip and the rear the whole time.

Finally, in Carlisle at the crosswalks at Dickenson, they have flashing LEDs buried in the street.  They really catch your attention.

This is my longest road ride so far, and I can feel it.  But…one step closer to that Century mark.  Next time, a little better pacing and stopping more to enjoy the sights and take pictures.

Misc miles: 8.4

Distance: 69.4 miles  2008: 1508.8

4 responses to “Ride Report: 11.10.08

  1. I browsed back to catch up a bit and am wondering if that was a $40 soccer match.

    MLS is over for me with the demise of the Revs. Now I have to focus on all the weight I gained after my touring summer. It adds up a lot faster than it melts away.

    {{{{Temps}}}} here are getting into the 30’s n the mornings. Without the wind it’s crisp and not too bad.

    See you around

  2. Yup. It cost me $40 and was worth every penny. I remember it was one of those rare moments where I actually had the cash in my pocket, and she cleaned me out!

  3. I coached high school for many years and one game we were beating up on a team. My star forward had two goals and was really pushing for the hat trick. Because of the score I began taking the starters out. When I called his name the whole team, including the bench protested in unison.

    What a gesture from his mates I thought. That was until one of the players on the bench told me of the promise he got from a field hockey player if he got a hat trick.

    Ohhhh the tribulations soccer players have to endure.

  4. After coaching boys for a bit and then moving over to girls, I have to say that coaching the high school aged girls team was far easier. First, at that level, they tend to coach themselves for a lot of the stuff. Next, while there are groups of friends, they were never clicque-ish and everyone seemed to get along. There were a couple of drama-queens; but they were far easier to handle than testosterone filled boys who all had an alpha male complex. And either is far better than what I see with American football squads. Talk about dysfunctional adults shaping the lives of our kids!

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