Ride Report: 11.05.08

Did a good fitness ride around the township last night, buzzing the length of Old Quaker Road with its moderate hills.  I’m slowly getting back in shape after losing my fitness back in September and October.  After having a couple days of steady riding, on Tuesday my body was saying to take the night off, even though my head was saying to go for it.  Fortunately, I listened to my body, which was tired and a bit stiff.

The result was an aggressive ride last night where, if I had the time, I could have kept on going for much longer.  It was one of those where you just get into a flow and keep pushing.  With the new lighting and the adjustments I have made, there is more spill light and thus more confidence with riding at speed as well; so I don’t feel the light really holds me back like it used to.  The thing is truly amazing.

Afterwards, son #1 was standing next to me and we were talking.  I’m 6′ even, and in all my life I’ve never felt “short”, even around big rowers.  But watching this 13 year old shoot up past me this last year has been a truly humbling experience.

Distance: 13.3 miles  2008: 1431.0

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