Ride Report: 11.03.08

After the grocery run last night, I switched to the Trucker and went for a short ride around the township.  It’s an awesome sensation to be riding at night and reach a point where the traffic breaks; and you hear nothing but the chain going around the gears, the tires on the road, and your own breathing.

I’ve read that most randoneurs prefer to have their lights mounted near the fork crown, rather than the handlebars, because it shows the contours of the pavement better.  I now understand what they mean as there is an improvement.  I also find that there is little if any blind spot just in front of the bike like some complain about when using the Fly. 

I spent some time fiddling around with different angles to see just how high I could aim the light for a balance between lighting up the pavement, having the beam out as far as possible, and not blinding on-coming cars.  I think I got it set, and with being able to “click” the lamp head up one notch, I also have a high beam that I can use on back roads to light up signs and obstacles.

There is a very slight vibration coming from the dynohub when I hit about 20 mph.  It’s so subtle that I doubt I could feel it if I had put some padding underneath the bar tape.  I’ll need to see if its there with the light off, because I suspect is has to do with the magnetic resistance, but that’s just my theory.

The ride almost turned into a disaster as I was coming down Space Highway near the end.  The light picked up an animal in front crossing the road.  I spotted a white patch and registered: Possum.  Twenty five feet more and the outline of a large skunk suddenly appears.  At this point, I’m probably going around 16-17 mph and within 30 feet as he is crossing in front of me.  It’s too late to hit the brakes, so I do my best to swerve around him, watching his tail the whole time, and shouting into the darkness, “Please God, don’t let this happen!”

As soon as I get passed him, I let out another shout, this time of relief, followed by a nervous belly laugh.  I can only imagine what someone sitting on their front porch would have thought hearing this drama.

I finished the ride by coming up a large hill where I have to drop into the granny and typically grind along about 4-5 mph for a short part.  No problem with the light losing power.

Ahh yes, life in the country!

Misc. Miles: 3

Distance: 11.7 miles  2008: 1417.7


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