Ride Report: 11.01,02.08; and updates

This weekend consisted of a series of small miscellaneous rides for both business and pleasure, punctuated with a Guys Afternoon Out trip to the Heritage Rail Trail.  In the midst of all of this, I did some serious bike wrenching as well.

I’ll start by reporting that Project X is complete.  Oh sure, there are some small things like cable ends and a bag rack, but the bike is now fully serviceable and ready to go.  As a matter of fact, I noticed that the milk supply was low this morning, so a grocery run is probably in order after work tonight.

The front derailleur is still a concern.  The cheapo one that I picked up would not reach out to the big chainring, even after Big Jim showed me that I had not adjusted the screw all the way out (major duh moment, there).  But looking at the Long Haul Trucker and the Cannondale, I saw that those derailleurs had extensions that increased the reach.  Turns out they were braze-on types with adapters. 

The solution was to swap with the Cannondale, since that bike only has a double chainring.  The X bike now shifts fine, but it is clearly a road derailleur made for a 52 tooth ring, and obviously has too much clearance that can’t be compensated for on the new bike’s 44 tooth big cog.  I’ll probably be looking for a better fitting one, but like I said, it’s shifting fine for now.

I’ll be taking some pics with a better camera later, and post everything in the new Bikes section.  All told, the damage came to just over $400.  Now a lot of the parts I already had, and had paid for them earlier; but between Ebay, trading, and take off parts, I think it worked out rather well.  The WTB saddle is very comfortable, and since this bike will probably be used for sub-10 mile trips, it should work out just fine.  It’s not quite as light as the Cannondale when it was set up as a gofer, but the 35mm tires make for a cushier ride, and the shorter chainstays are noticeable when turning.

Speaking of damage, the Trucker now has a B&M IQ Fly mounted on it.  I know…this is completely nuts and I’m out of control; but a rando acquaintance that I met decided to upgrade to an Edelux setup, and made me an offer for the used Fly that I could not walk away from.  The beam is identical to the Ixon, but the “head” can be adjusted on the fly to slightly different angles with a subtle click – so it’s like having a high beam that I can use on back roads.  Further, the capacitor operated standlight is brighter than I imagined.  (In fact when the light was shipped it held its charge for 4 days and clicked on right out of the box!)  Finally, the light fires up to full power around 2 mph with the Shimano hub, so no worries there.  I’ve got it mounted on the fender – it seems pretty solid, but I’m going to keep an eye on the vibration factor.  Having the wide reach cantilever brakes creates a bit of a challenge with mounting it on the fork crown as is normally done.

I’m not sure what to do with the Ixon just yet, but for now it’s mounted on the X bike.

As for the ride: Saturday was just glorius, and the boys and I had the day to ourselves.  We loaded up the Pig and headed south.  The trail was crowded, but we enjoyed the weather, the exercise, and pushing each other a little.  (Disclaimer: Since this was a trail ride, I didn’t enforce the mandatory helmet rule.)

We put in at Brillhart, and rode down to Serenity Junction and back. 

(2 future Bobs)  All told, we logged 11.2 miles at a relatively fast clip.

Finally, yesterday I rode down to the soccer complex and watched my daughter play what was probably her last match.  Since the ACL surgery, she has never really come back full force and even yesterday I saw her grimace after taking a shot on goal.  She then was limping for several minutes.  I’m going to have a talk with her about hanging up the cleats and not risk blowing out her knee again.  It’s because of her I got involved in coaching, and after nine years of watching her play it’s going to be quite an adjustment.  There is a possibility that Ian might get a rekindled interest, and he’d be a terrific keeper for his size, but right now he doesn’t seem to have it in him.

Anyway, Squirt; you’ve had a great run.  Remember the game where I promised you $10.00 if you scored a goal – then you went out and pounded in four!  One of them was that fantastic penalty shot where their keeper blocked the shot, but then you charged the net and ever so gently tapped the ball in on the second touch.  After that, the coach took you out of the match so as not to embarrass the other team.  This one’s for you, kiddo!

Misc. Miles: 16.2

Distance: 11.2 miles  2008: 1403


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