Ride and Charge

It showed up in the mail yesterday, but by the time I got it installed it was really too dark for pictures.  It basically looks like a large wireless transmitter that fits on the back side of the fork blade using a heavy rubber band ala Dinotte lights.

For $40 I can’t say there is much to it.  The case seems like a bit of flimsy injection molded plastic that might be a problem in a really heavy rain.  It also doesn’t seem to clasp shut as well as I would think.  Inside is a small circuit board along with several wire connectors.

Hooking it up took little time.  I used a piece of light guage speaker wire going from the unit to the dynohub, fitting it into the connector originally on the Shimano light.  The supplied wire going from the plug on the Ride and Charge to the Ixon IQ is pretty heavy guage, and way too long.  There is a section that is even the curled “phone cord” type.  I’ll need to see if either it can be trimmed down or replaced.  I’d really prefer to “hard wire” down with some zip ties so I don’t have a wire flopping about.

I tried it briefly.  Once everything was hooked up, I took a spin and the charger light on the Ixon started blinking, so I think that’s OK.  Only problem is that it didn’t stop once I was done and the bike was no longer moving.  So I put the light on the regular AC charger and we’ll see what’s up.  I forgot to check it this morning before leaving for work.

So the jury remains out.  I’m sure it works fine, otherwise Peter White wouldn’t be selling them.  They’ve always been very responsive with my business.  I’ll need to pick up some black zip ties and integrate the wiring with the computer; and do something about the charging cable issue.

While I was moving bikes around last night I picked up the blue Cannondale that I turned over to my son and immediately noticed how light it was compared to the LHT.  With all the gear on this bike, its really turned into a tank – a smooth riding, dependable, comfortable tank – but a tank nonetheless.  I took a moment and spun the Cannondale up the street and back – what a fun sensation!  It just takes off with little effort.  I might have to ask son #1 to borrow his bike now and then.


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