Ride Report: 10.26.08

I got out for a nice ride after dark last night.  I actually think that I am more aware of traffic at night because the headlights standout, but I still get spooked at those noises in the bushes while cruising down an otherwise quiet country road.  There was one point where I could hear the deer running away from me just as I passed; and then there was another where the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I saw some sort of shadow as I went by, but have no idea what it was…or if it was anything at all.

It was 51 degrees and I was fortunate to dress perfectly for it.  I’ve also found that riding at night forces me to hold down my speed so that I don’t burn myself out.  Can’t outrun the headlamp.

The Ride and Charge should arrive today, so I’m eager to wire it up and try it.  My biggest concern is that it is not a smart charger, so I guess I could potentially harm the light if I let it overcharge.  I figure the thing to do is just run the lamp until the low battery light comes on, then hook it up to the charger.  Maybe the instructions will give a little more guidance.

I also want to get a plug in for the Jumpstop.  This little doo-hickey works great.  The instructions are good, even though I had trouble adjusting it properly because I couldn’t see that I had the front derailleur in the way.  Once I got that sorted out, clamping it down at the proper position was pretty easy.  I took the Trucker out in the street, pedalled standing on the cranks and then threw it into the granny…perfect shifts.  Later, on the ride, I purposefully chose a route with two hills where I have thrown the chain a number of times and had to stop.  In both cases I kept up the rate without slowing for the down shift.  When I did…again, perfect shifts.  As far as the Jumpstop is concerned, I highly recommend it.  I’ve found them at Nashbar and Peter White Cycles.

With Project X, the exchanged cassette and the Velo Orange shifters showed up.  I’ve got the wheelset completely assembled, as well as the “cockpit.”  Using the old innertubes with recycled bar tape worked out rather well, and should prove comfortable.  I also think the thumb shifters will work out just fine.  They aren’t indexed, but are “ratcheted” which should make things easy.

I also picked up a decent saddle on Ebay last night.  I knew from the prices recently that finding a Brooks B68 or something similar just wasn’t going to happen.  Some of the used saddles were going for close to $100.  So based on a review by Large Fella on a Bike, I ended up getting a WTB Speed.  It’s leather-padded with a center channel, and long rails, and wide for an upright stance.  Other than lacking bag loops, it should work out just dandy; and for $16, who’s complaining?  I’ll figure something out for mounting the Carradice.

So things are moving along on that front, and I hope to have it on the road before too long.

Distance: 11.2 miles  2008: 1375.6


3 responses to “Ride Report: 10.26.08

  1. Night riding is cool… rabbits, squirrels, and deer keep me alert, but it’s those danged ground hogs that go charging into the brush crashing unexpectedly that get me to jump out of my skin! LOL!

  2. Hey, thanks for the link! I’ve added you to my RSS reader. Cool blog you’ve got here.

    I haven’t done a lot of night riding on the road … more on mountain biking trails. I want to do more, but it’s a little nerve-wracking, and I don’t know if the lights I have are sufficient. Then again, I haven’t tried it for a while.

  3. You’re welcome! We’ve posted on Bone’s adventures periodically and I followed the link to your blog. I really enjoy the photography. To be honest, I always regarded the Hazleton/WB/Scranton region as rather ugly with all the “strippens”, but your pictures and hiking/ride descriptions paint it in a much better light. ‘looking forward to seeing more.

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