Dynohub and Commuter Sitings

The box arrived yesterday with the new wheel and light.  Before anything, I took the extra fork that I had, clamped it in a vice, mounted the wheel, plugged in the light, and gave it a spin.  Light comes on = no problem.  Later last night, I pull the wheel from the trucker to switch tires.  It was probably the easiest change I ever did.  I was able to mount the Pasela with the tube still in it on the new rim without any tools.

Then the problem.  I mounted it on the trucker, plugged in the light; nothing.  After some fiddling around I figured I had probably moved the wires in the supplied plug and needed to find some instructions.  Fortunately, Harris Cyclery has them on line and I’m hoping to sort it out tonight.  I’m thinking that once I get the Ride and Charge, I probably won’t use the Shimano light, but still have it available as a backup.  It seemed fairly bright when I tested it, but given what I’ve read and Bone’s observations on his setup, I’m not too optimistic.

In other news, some commuter observations:  This morning I passed a guy wearing one of those bright lime flourescent jackets.  I’ve been thinking about getting one because they really stick out for night riding.  He also had Scotchlight stripes all over his ATB, but I’ll pass on that one.

Coming past the Rachel Carson building, a guy was pulling in on his folder.  I spotted his tail-light and noticed that it went off as he was dismounting, but then came on again when he was walking the bike inside: another dyno.  Must be a higher end folder.

When they built the Carson Building, they wanted to decrease the amount of parking spots they would have to pay for, so employees in that building can get some sort of credits on bus passes.  There is also inside bike parking in the bottom of a stairwell that looks pretty crowded every time I see it.  I wonder if cycle commuters also get a cash incentive?

Ahh well.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to report that the hub is up and running.


2 responses to “Dynohub and Commuter Sitings

  1. Everytime I’ve had problems with my hub, it’s been because the wires pulled out of the little plastic plug thingie, or one of little strands wandered over to the other side and caused a short.

  2. I think that’s the case with this one also. I just need to get out the tools and clean it up and make sure the wires are securely routed.

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