I Loves the Internet

Except that I spend entirely too much time surfing about.  The amount of information is incredible, so long as you filter the garbage.

I found a little device called a Jumpstop that should solve the occassional rogue chain jumps that I experience when shifting into the granny under load.  It’s basically a little guide that prevents the chain from moving outside of its normal line with the front derailleur.

It’s a cheap little bit, so I’m going for it.  The only problem is that it isn’t adjustable, and you need to order it based on the specific size of the seat tube.  The Surly site has all kinds of measurements, but none for tubing ODs.  Simple.  Google “LHT tube diameters” and they pop up.  Problem solved, part ordered.


3 responses to “I Loves the Internet

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  2. Quick trick I’ve used in the past to find out the diameter of seatposts and stems from hopelessly old bikes, etc. is to wrap a piece of paper around the tube, measure it, and divide by 3.14159. I knew my geometry class would come in handy some day…

  3. It figures that someone who works at a college would say that…
    What was really confusing was that the Jumpstart is sized by inches, and the Surly measurements are metric.

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