I have just about all of the parts for the new gofer bike.  This last weekend Nashbar had one of their discount specials, so I took care of a lot of miscellaneous parts like the chain, fenders, etc.  In my haste to place the order, I selected an 11×28 cassette instead of the 11×34 that I wanted, so I’ll need to exchange that.

The company that I was having trouble with over the fork must have been confused over my bothersome e-mails, or maybe they were just trying to make good, but I now have two steel cyclocross forks.  They’re nothing fancy, but there is clearance for a 42mm tire plus a bit more, and canti studs.  Once I ground off the lawyer lips and gave it a quick coat of black gas-grill paint ala spray can, it looks sufficiently ugly to match the rest of the bike.

I still need “the transmission” – shifters and derailleurs.  I would love to put a set of barcons on the Albatross bars, but they are just too expensive – even used.  Most likely I’ll end up with some cheaper friction thumb shifters.  Hopefully I can also score some used derailleurs that can handle the 42 tooth tripple and the 34 tooth cassette.  Beyond that, maybe a decent upright saddle and some bits and pieces; and the wheels…

Speaking of wheels.  I managed to pick up a new Shimano 3N71 dynohub laced to an Alex touring rim, along with the Shimano halogen light, all for $104.  The wheel will go on the Long Haul Trucker, along with a ride and charge that I need to buy to power the Ixon IQ.  I am now way over budget, but I would have been crazy to walk away from that.  So I can either put my current wheel on the new bike and just look for a rear wheel; or I can continue to look for a pair and sell the old wheel.  Either way the dollar signs are adding up fast.

Other shopping news: college.  We took an open house tour with my daughter over the long weekend to a great school.  She was invited to the Honors Program reception, but it doesn’t look like she’ll qualify.  That’s a real shame, because the big advantage is some additional money, that amounts to a deal breaker for us.  The rub is that she is having trouble with an AP calculus course that will adversely affect her GPA and class rank.  Had she taken a cake course and coasted, she would probably be OK.  It’s bitter sweet, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

I actually have been riding a few errands here and there, but I’m almost ashamed to report that I have logged a whopping 9.5 miles so far in October.  I desparately need to get out and explore for a day.  The LHT looks so lonely and forlorn out in the garage.

2008: 1324.7 miles


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