It’s In My Head

I find that whenever I start a project, like refurbing a room or building up a bike, I first develop a mental picture of what the end result will be.  Then, while working on it, there is a point of epipheny where I am far enough along that there is a convergence between the actual and the mental picture.

With this particular bike build, the mental picture took a while to come together.  There are so many different types of bikes and things to do on them, so it’s easy to go in different directions, or to get bogged down with trying to build up a “do everything” machine.

I spent a good part of the last two evenings on line chasing down parts, plus I ordered some bits from Pedal Pushers.  At this point, it’s working toward a light gofer machine, 3X9 gearing (not sure of the cassette yet), upright stance, flat black with silver accents.  Albatross bars, black V-brakes, most likely bar top friction shifters, Specialized MTB crank (44,32,22), probably black rims, spokes and hubs.  I’d love to put a wide Brooks on it, but will probably settle with something plastic for now.  I pulled a chromed suspension post from the parts bin.  I’m also going to wait on the fenders to decide whether to go black or chrome.

I should be able to readily swap wheels with the Marin.  That will give me the choice of the “regular rims” with 35mm tires for street riding, and then the “adventure rims” with the 42mm niner tires.

Things seem to be on track for coming in below $500.  It should be a fun bike and a good complement to the LHT.

In other news, I re-watched Animal House the other night.  For a guy who spends a good amount of time in church, I have to confess that I had a few belly laughs and chuckled for the rest of the time.  I wasted two years of tuition living like that until I finally got serious about college, but boy was that fun. 

Considering that we are in the midst of a college search for my daughter, the movie was also a little bit of a wake up call.  Fortunately, I think she has her head together a lot better than I did at this age.


2 responses to “It’s In My Head

  1. The best part of project bikes when you have some leftovers in the parts bin is just bolting on what you have for now (like the saddle) and then upgrading a little later so it’s not as big of a price hit all at once. Can’t wait to see the finished project…

  2. Animal House….best movie ever.

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