CX Frame

The big box showed up so I hurried out the garage and inspected everything.  For $80 I can’t complain – it’s got clean lines and lots, I mean lots, of braze ons.  All of the threads have been faced and cleaned, and the paint, for your basic stealth flat black, is even with no runs.  It’s light, to the point where it feels a little fragile, but it is stiff.  I guess I just am used to a steel frame like the LHT and the Marin.  The welds are also what I would expect – solid, but not pretty.

I pulled the rear wheel off the Marin and mounted it – decent clearance with the 42mm knobby with ample fender room.  I also took some quick measurements and I think the sizing will be fine.

I ordered a $20 cheapo steel fork for it that should also have enough clearance.

It’s hard not to get carried away with the idea of building it up as a true CX bike.  With the aggressive lines and disk tabs I was imagining it with a pair of dirt drop bars and a narrow saddle.  But…this is to be my gofer/adventure tourer.  A bike I can take on a rougher trail, or make a run to the store.

Now I need to start shopping around for used and take-off parts – I need to keep this project cheap!

Pics to follow once the fork shows up.


2 responses to “CX Frame

  1. Lemme know what parts you need. I have lots and lots that I’m not using.

  2. ‘sent you an e-mail.

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