More Writing…

Because I feel like it.

I was aware of these two guys riding cross country, but I thought they were both from Lancaster.  Turns out that one, Joe Peko, is from Lewisberry.  (Scroll down, he’s on the right)  I have periodically seen an older gentleman (60 something) riding down Space Highway, and waved.  I wonder if its him even though he has always been on what I thought was an older road bike.  I might look him up and ask him about his trip.  The Lancaster rider was featured in the Lancaster paper recently, and he mentions briefly about how he saw so many Long Haul Truckers on tour.  Yeah buddy!

There will be blood:  I suppose like most cyclists, I’m not quite satisfied with my saddle(s).  The Titanico is comfortable for the sit bones, but the horn is too wide and the leather is a bit too loose for my liking.  I really like the cutout and how easy it is on the softer bits, especially compared to the Brooks Pro that it replaced.  The tensioner was out all of the way, and I was finally able to snug it up a bit using a washer.  I would have trimmed the horn, but then I’d risk having the leather stretch even more and pretty much ruining the saddle.

The Champion Flyer that I replaced it with has a narrower horn which solved that problem, but once it was broken in, there is now a ridge in the center that is again pushing up against me.  Brooks must have been thinking about the same issue, because now they have introduced the Imperial:



So this has me thinking….  No, I’m not going to replace the Flyer with another expensive saddle, but putting a slot down the middle might just be the ticket.  I could send it off to Selle, and they would do it for $50 bucks; or I could make a template, lay it out, and take an Exacto knife to it, making sure not to leave any sharp corners that could tear.  I could then use some leather dye to seal the cut.  This will require some real courage, given that the price of Flyer Specials has jumped to $180.

In other news, I may have bought another frame.  Nashbar had a returned CX frame listed for a song, so I called and paid for it, but they couldn’t tell me whether or not it had already been sold until the computer files are updated overnight. 

I recently sold a mag trainer on Ebay which is funding the purchase.  My goal is still to build a grocery/gofer bike.  In working on the “new” Cannondale frame, I found that it might be cheaper to just go with something more current due to the cost and availability of components.  This frame also has all kinds of spacing for fat tires, which I really want.  So, provided I find that I actually bought this thing, the plan is to go with the 700X42 tires I have, fenders and rack, Albatross bars, V-brakes, cushy saddle, low geared 3X8 drivetrain (so I can swap wheels with the Marin) and basically other used parts that will represent a bargain basement, but reliable haul-all and backup cruiser.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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