Ride Report: 09.10.08

‘not so much a ride as an extended errand on the bike.  I had to go to a meeting and got to use my new American Eagle Outfitters messenger bag (worked gloriously).  It was dark when we broke up and I received two offers for a ride home from concerned friends.  (They don’t get it yet.)  The air had cooled to sweat shirt weather, but it made for a nice evening ride that I extended for a few miles.

I may have found an issue with the Ixon.  I had trouble getting it to light up after the bike had been sitting outside.  I would press the switch and it would fire up for just a second and then go out.  I finally opted to limp home, tried once again, and it lit up no problem.  The same thing happened after a brief stop to talk to a friend.  Once I got home and played around, it worked fine.  It might be an internal contact, the switch, or operator error.  I’ll need to keep an eye on this and continue to play with it.

I also took a few moments later to mess about with the new Cannondale frame.  I took a detail sander to the chainstay and quickly got it down to the metal.  I don’t know whether to re-paint it stealth black or go naked.  I also took a stab at spreading the chainstays to see if it could fit a 130mm hub – no way.  They are super strong and there is no chance of moving them without causing some critical failure.  Fortunately, I found a source for 126 hubs on 700c wheels, so it’s really not going to be the problem I initially thought.

‘hear about Lance coming out of retirement?  I have mixed feelings about it all – I only hope he maintains a degree of dignity that is missing from alot of sports guys attempting comebacks.  I also hope he continues to tweek his nose at those nasty french drug testers.  and finally, I hope he does well.

Distance: 8.6 miles  2008: 1262.9


2 responses to “Ride Report: 09.10.08

  1. Where fif you find 126mm 700c wheels? I’m looking for one, too.

  2. Ebay. Here is a guy who sells sets. There are also a few rear wheel only auctions.


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