Ride Report: 08.24.08

Just to give an idea of what my frame of mind was with getting back on the bike after a week, I loaded up at 3:00pm and opted to click the headlamp on.  I had it in my head to ride long and far, and into the night if need be.  I was on a mission with no particular destination.

I opted for a bit of the familiar, and a bit of some new road.  I kept thinking that I’d like to make it to Newville and back, but it just didn’t seem quite within reach once my senses got the better of me and started picturing me limping back, legs completely spent, after dark. 

So my route consisted of Grantham, Williams Grove, back way into Boiling Springs, over to Mount Holly Springs, and then Rt. 34 into downtown Carlisle, and then returning via Rt. 74 back to Williams Grove; with a slight detour onto McCormick Road just to see what was happening along the Yellow Breeches.

The roads were great.  While Route 34 has a lot of traffic, it also has a berm as wide as a traffic lane, and is mostly downhill.  The berm on 74 is not nearly as wide, but the road is straight so cars can see you well in advance as they come up.  The only hills of any significance were on Lisburn Road and the climb on Nauvoo; otherwise it’s all just gradual climbs.

My legs felt really strong, and I pushed it – too hard.  I’m feeling it today, but that’s expected.  I also started feeling some saddle sores coming up but managed to avoid anything major.  I had lubed with some vasaline beforehand and I’m sure that helped.  I think the combination of temperature (low 90s) heat and friction from riding hard, sweat, along with the liquigel shorts that I had were simply inviting trouble.  It feels like the Brooks is all but broken in, but I have to look for shorts that can last more than 40 miles before the padding gives out.

Fields of Stone:  This is Bethel Cemetery, sitting at the corner of Route 74 and Stone House Road.  It’s a very small plot that has seen some recent, and catastrophic damage.  The stones appear to be dated from 1830-1850.  Someone is trying to take care of it, but it looks like a losing battle.



Misc. Miles: 11

Distance: 52.3 miles  2008: 1219.8


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