Ride Report: 08.14.08

Took a fitness ride before dark, no more than three miles from the house.  It looks like people are getting used to seeing me – I’m getting more waves than I used to.

Distance: 15 miles  2008: 1161.5

Talked to Ave about the C’dale last night.  He wants drop bars, but he also wants to keep the fenders!  That’s my boy.  (although he did say to lose the rack)

I’ll be off the grid for a week while we visit the beach.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to carry any bikes on our new van since we lack a proper rack.  ‘just as well since I don’t think we’ll have a safe place to store the bikes while there.  I’ve been thinking about trying some jogging anyway, just for the week.

Had my “50 Physical” last week.  All is well although I still have to get my plumbing completely checked out – oh joy!  My pulse was 46… where did that come from?  My RHR hasn’t been in the 40’s in 15 years.  It’s got to be the biking.


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