Wrenchin’ and other thoughts

The only thing missing last night was a six pack of beer and some doo-wop music (neither of which really appeal to me anymore).  After getting home from the evening’s obligations I descended into the cave and got to work.  I ended up changing tubes for two flats, cleaning and lubing the drive train of the Veloterrorist’s Huffy, and fixing a bent derailleur hanger on the Arrow.  I checked this morning, and both tires were still holding air, so I guess I managed to do the job without pinching the tubes.

I’m a little concerned about this Huffy.  Both hubs have a lot of play in them, which I don’t know if it is normal slop or the sign of imminent failure.  I’m going to keep an eye on them.  I suspect this bike is now going into reserve since Ian seems pretty intent on riding the Arrow from here on out.  The only time it will be an issue is on family rides where we may run out of bikes.

Another issue might actually provide a solution to this problem.  I really want Ave to get more aerobic exercise, so his bugging me about a road bike is very tempting. 

The easiest solution is to take the Cannondale and rebuild it with some drop bars and maybe get around to finally replacing the double chainring with a triple.  I could try the moustache bars that I have, but I think the reach would be too much for Ave at this point.  Shifting would have to remain with the barcons because of the 7-speed drivetrain.  The downside to all of this is that I lose my gofer bike with the cushy Albatross bars and Titanico saddle, now that I finally have it  just how I like it.

Another thought is to rebuild the Marin back to a road machine, but I think he is already too big for the frame.

And the final option is to find an inexpensive, yet reliable road bike for him.  The problem with this option is that 60cm bikes with touring capabilities don’t come cheap, regardless of the age; and I’m hesitant to drop any major coin on a bike for a 13 year old.

So I’ll think about it for a while and talk to him, and then probably take the C’dale option.


4 responses to “Wrenchin’ and other thoughts

  1. Man, I wish I had known. I offered my 61cm C’dale frame on the iBob list yesterday and had an offer within the hour. So it’s spoken for. Grr. I would have traded it for your moustache bars.

    Anyway, if the buyer backs out I’ll let you know.

  2. Rats. That frame is sweet. Anyway, thanks for thinking about that.

  3. Hey, Doc. Shoot me an email message. sdl@twosixteen.com

  4. I might have something you might be interested in. Don’t be shy. 🙂

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