But it’s only Flat on the Bottom…

bummed.  I switched the Titanico over to the Cannondale and spent a little time on Saturday getting it dialed in.  For upright riding it feels really good with the nose slightly up, and I raised the post just a smidge.  Then I made some minor adjustments here and there, and topped off the tires to 60 psi. 

 Since it is now my “bad weather gofer bike” and the forecast was questionable, I figured I’d ride it to church on Sunday.  Plus, I’ve been putting Proofide on the Flyer/LHT and I didn’t want to risk staining a new pair of khakis that I planned on wearing.

Well I get down to the garage and load my jacket and other goodies in a pannier, squeeze the bike out from the other bikes and the two cars, get out to the driveway and notice the front tire has no air.  That will teach me to use a 20 year old tube.

I’m not looking forward to changing this tube as the tire was a bear to put on in the first place, but such is life.  At least it didn’t blow when I was out in the boonies somewhere.


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