Ride Report: 07.24.08

It was a busy evening, but I had my heart set on a ride, so at dusk I set off for Messiah College. 

I’m pretty fortunate when it comes to car traffic, but I do have to mention that last night a guy on a motorcycle decided to pass me in an intersection and then pull a right turn in front of me.  Given how he was riding and his general appearance, I sense he was either “impaired”, playing chicken, or both.  I missed him by about 4′, and gave him a nasty look that his partner on the other bike behind me had to see.  I probably could have taken off after him, but I need to remember my age, and it probably would not have solved anything anyway.

When I got out to the college, I opted for a side road that took me into Grantham.  We used to have relatives on my mother’s side who owned a general store, and I think I found the building which has been converted into an apartment.  The main road is a dead end created by the building of Rt. 15.  That makes the street very quiet and rather nice.

On the way home the lights came on and I opted to take McCormick Road which runs along the Yellow Breeches.  ‘fantastic ride!  This is a smallish two lane winding along the creek and nice houses for several miles.  I also inaugurated the new bell by warning a woman walking her dog in the road – she turned when I passed and commented how she liked it!

The cooler air with the low humidity made for a great ride.  The Brooks is steadily getting broken in.

Distance: 23.3 miles  2008: 961.7


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