Ride Report: 07.12.08, HRT

This was intended as another steady state training ride; taking the HRT top to bottom and back.  I wanted to keep my speed around 12 mph, take a break every hour or so, and finish with some fuel still left in the tank.

What I first noticed when starting in York was that I didn’t feel as snappy as I did a few weeks back with the metric century.  I wasn’t sick or anything – just not feeling like I wanted to push it.  I think maybe it’s because I’m a little bored of this trail.  Anyway, one of the scenic views near the start is this junkyard.  Periodically it will catch on fire and cause all kinds of excitement.  It was a busy place this morning:

I got an early start so I could beat the heat.  The trail was pretty clear before noon.  After that, there were a lot of joggers and bikes out on the Maryland side under the canopy of trees.  Two guys played “tag” with me all the way from New Freedom to Ashland.  By the time I got to Monkton, it was a matter of them pulling in just as I would pull out.

Completely contrary to the forecast, on the way back, just north of Monkton, the skies opened up and it poured!  Stamina wise, it was great.  It cooled things off, all the other bikers went for cover, it kept the dust down, and it re-invigorated me.  Plus, I have fenders!

The trail turned into a creek, which slowed my speed, but made for a great challenge after switching from a bandana to a ball cap.

Up to this point my butt was doing fine.  I buttered up good with Udder Creme and petroleum jelly, however I think the pad in my shorts had become saturated and started sticking to my skin.  That caused some heat buildup, and some saddle sores.  Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as the last time, but I’ll still be off the bike for a few days.

On the way back, just north of Gladfelter Station, I passed a southbound pair…she on a bike and he on a motorized scooter.  Some 20 something with a smirk on his face like “I know it’s against the rules, but I’m cool, my dad’s rich; so its OK.”

So I finish right on schedule.  My arse is sore, but the day after my legs are tired, not hurting.  There were a few times when my knees ached, but I’d ease off a bit (usually on a climb) and they’d be fine.  I did pop a few ibuprofen halfway through to take the edge off.

Misc. MIles: 4

Distance:83.4 miles  2008: 888.4


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