Ride Report: 07.04.08

Despite the steady drizzle, I wanted to ride down to Rudy Park to see if it is suitable for family rides.  We had tried to stop by once, but could not get in because of a balloon fest, but I noticed that the Heritage Trail extension is completed right next to the park.

I took the Wago Road down to Mount Wolf, and then south into Emigsville.  Traffic was pretty light all morning.  Just before the park is this big quarry operation.


Also on the way to the entrance, you can spot the Heritage Trail on the right.  It’s almost like a bike lane.

Once in the park, there is a paved path that circles the expansive area.  I think because of the rise and the lay of the land, its more suited for walking than biking.  Bikes will just get going too fast to be safe with pedestrians all over.  Just as well, because I also think that the hills would be a bit steep for smaller kids on bikes.  Up at the top of the park is this BMX track.  I remember a few years ago one of my friends was into this for a season…until he broke his collarbone.

Here is where the Heritage Trail starts:

It winds its way along a creek and around some properties for about a mile and one-half.  Again, its completely paved, and the winding turns mean holding down the speed, mainly to avoid another bike that might be coming from the other direction.  Still, its very scenic.

And then the trail ends…

The sign says that plans are afoot to extend the trail another two miles to Route 30 in 2009.

For the ride home, I took a slightly different route into Manchester, and then over to the Susquehanna Trail at Strinestown.  I’m still not used to grinding up those hills from the Conowago Creek.  I’ve been playing around with the tension on my saddle, and I think I noticed a slight improvement today.

Anyway, Rudy Park: great spot, not recommended for biking.  Heritage Trail northern extension: nice paved surface, keep down the speed.

Misc. Miles: 5.6

Distance: 38.7 miles  2008: 766.7


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