Signs of the Times: Pacific Arrow

Overall hits for the blog have been up, and interestingly one of the more frequent search terms is “Pacific Arrow Bike.”  Probably for the last month there have been 4-5 searches a day that end up being recorded by Word Press and directed to my post on that bike.

I’m going to speculate that more people are checking out bikes for commuting and basic transportation, and they’re starting with box store rigs that have some bells and whistles, thinking that it might be a good deal.

Well…it’s not.  For $200-300 you get a heavy aluminum frame with low grade components.  Yes, there is double suspension and a 24 speed drivetrain, but it’s not that great of a mountain bike, and its certainly not a good commuter bike.

What I will say is that it’s a good bike for casual recreational riding where you don’t need to carry anything, and you are not going any great distances.  If you are looking for a commuter or a gofer bike, it’s better to go looking for a used model for the same price.  Check out Ebay and Craig’s list, or even your local bike shop (LBS).  Used bike shops are springing up as well, so you can do better.


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