Ride Report: 06.19.08

My son’s baseball season finished up on Wednesday night, so what do I do?  I take a ride to a church softball game.  The guys were playing out at Grantham, right next to Messiah College, and it was a beautiful night, so I loaded up a spare shirt, a windbreaker, and a few granola bars and hit the road.  Got there with plenty of time to spare and watched two games.

It’s only a little over 10 miles, but it was funny listening to the incredulous comments…”you rode all this way!”  “aren’t you tired?”  “do you need a ride back?” 

All well intended, but I repeatedly had to explain that a 20 mile trip on a bike is not that far.  As I was getting ready to leave there was a small crowd gathered to check out the trucker.  I had to explain why a leather saddle is actually more comfortable, and what the computer does, etc…  I didn’t mind, and who knows?  Maybe my little trip planted a seed with some others that biking can be a viable form of exercise and transportation.

I have to admit that I felt a bit motivated to “hurry” back ahead of the stragglers; and I did just that…getting over half way before a string of cars passed with horns blowing and hands waving.  It was fun, but my legs are paying for it right now.

As for the team… well they lost both games, but they certainly had fun doing it.  Between the on field antics and the robust cheering section, our little church has a blast.

I am having a small issue with the bike with periodically throwing the chain on downshifts into the granny.  It’s fine if I take my time and ease off the pressure, but if I “throw it down” while pedalling hard up hill, it usually comes off.  I’m thinking that there is a “chain catcher” or something like that to prevent this, so a trip to Pedal Pushers might be in order.

In other news, I have a mini rant, and ironically, it’s car related.  Every day about half of Harrisburg empties out via Walnut Street onto Front, and then the interstate.  So Walnut and 2nd becomes an extremely busy intersection.  So today, Friday, this three lane – one way street (Walnut) will become a parking lot.  Not because of the volume, but because at rush hour the left lane will be blocked by a beer truck unloading at the Irish bar on one corner, and the right lane will be blocked by double parkers doing their banking on the other corner.  Even more incredulous is that the Police Station is just beyond all this mess, and the boys are nowhere to be found.  I’ve noticed that people are getting impatient and tempers are flaring as cars jockey for position to funnel through.  It’s a bad thing, just waiting for a hot Friday afternoon to blow up.

Distance: 20.2 miles  2008: 564.2

One response to “Ride Report: 06.19.08

  1. I’m guessing one person to a car during that Friday beer truck traffic jam. I feel sorry for those people. You?

    Yea, me too.

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