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This young woman enjoys riding her bicycle without the benefit of clothes, and wants to do so in the upcoming Fourth of July parade.  I bet she doesn’t have a split Titanico saddle…I’ve often thought about how one’s tender parts could get pinched in the slot.

Kent Peterson and his wife Christine recently presented at a conference on living car free.  The text is a bit long, but every word is worth the read.  It’s not so much about biking as it is about living a certain way.  Great quotes throughout.  I’m really curious as to how gas prices will impact land use and planning.

Finally, Dave Moulton wrote a post about some of the myths of bike safety that has prompted a good discussion on wearing helmets.  This is always a no-win debate, but nevertheless one we should all consider.  For the record, I now wear a helmet when I’m on the road, which is most of the time; but usually not if I’m on a rail trail.  At this point, I believe it should be a choice; but I’m wrestling with the hypocracy of it based on my feelings that motorcycle helmets should be mandatory.  That position is based on the health care costs bourne by the rest of us resulting from the catastrophic injuries and subsequent treatment not covered by individual policies.  I suppose if we start reading about health care costs related to bicycle injuries, my thoughts on the issue may change.

But if you’re going to ride nude in a parade, I think I’d be inclined to issue a waiver on any helmet law.


2 responses to “From Around the Blogesphere..

  1. Yes, I’d be in favor of a naked/no helmet rule.

    But only for people in halfway decent shape.

    I, for example would wear clothes…..nobody wants to see me naked.

  2. Agreed. Some of the folks in the clips of naked bike parades need to do a little more riding, and a little less drinking.

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