Ride Report(s): 06.14,15.08

It was another busy weekend, but I ended up combining fitness and pleasure with just getting where I needed to go, on the bike.  Saturday started with a breakfast meeting, afterwhich I did a loop around Pinchot.  I then rode down to the baseball complex where I put in a shift at the concession stand.  While peeling out of my sweaty tank top, there was a roadie/dad on a carbon Trek who gave me an approving nod.  Then a ride home, which is almost all downhill.  All told, around 25 miles.

Sunday included a ride to church and back, followed by a 10 mile ride after dark just to get rid of some nervous energy, and to test my new patch!

You know; I haven’t mentioned lately just how much fun riding a bike is.  Sure it’s hard grinding up the hills some times; but the satisfaction of getting to the top is part of the joy.  Sometimes I feel guilty for having so much enjoyment (not really, but you get my point).  Baseball season is soon wrapping up, so I really need to get the fam out riding.  I love this bike – I love the exercise – I love exploring.

Distance: 37.4 miles  2008: 544.0


2 responses to “Ride Report(s): 06.14,15.08

  1. Speaking of fun on Sunday. Did you happen to see the Turkey/Czech game? Holy moley.

  2. No, I didn’t get to see it, and I think son #1 had the Phils on all afternoon. I’ll have to check it out. thx.

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