A Little Overtrained…

It’s been so long since I did any serious training that I didn’t recognize it at first.  For the last few days I wanted to ride, but my legs were still slightly sore and I was tired.  I credited that to a slight schedule change, which has me getting up an hour earlier to carpool to work two days a week.  But still, after what I thought was a good night’s sleep, I found myself sitting in a chair debating with myself if I really should get out for a ride last night.

Then it hit me.  They were all classic symptoms of overtraining; and I had pushed my last two rides at a faster pace than I probably should have.  Had I been in shape, then I would have recovered better, but I’ve been too much the weekend warrior.

The solution is a night or two off, catch up on my sleep, and slow down the pace. 


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