Carradice Source

I had previously mentioned the Carradice Pendle… I found this outfit after a web search and going back a few pages.  It seems that Carradice is not the best at keeping their suppliers stocked; to the point where places like Harris are discontinuing the line and Wallbike is listing most items as out of stock.

But this place not only has the best prices, they also appear to have everything in stock.  On top of that, the shipping from the west coast was lightening fast and reasonable.  5 stars, highly recommended. 

BTW, most LBS, especially those in Central PA, don’t stock anything close to a Carradice or Frost River, so I have no heartburn about going over the net.  I should mention, however, that Pedal Pushers is stocking a nice selection of Brooks saddles.  If you’re looking to get into some serious country biking or touring, drop by and give them a look.


One response to “Carradice Source

  1. Holmes in Camp Hill had a few B17s hanging on the wall when I was in there the other day.

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