Ride Report: 06.01.08

These were actually a group of short rides that I took throughout the week and over the weekend because of time limitations and uncooperative weather.  The “highlight” was a short Fields of Stone mission to a plot in the woods at the intersection of Miller Road and York Road.  York Road is almost unrideable because of the blind turns and lack of any berm; so access is gained off of Miller, which is a dirt/gravel trail.  The oldest stone I could read was 1813.


Several of the stones had this handshake emblem, leading me to think that it is another Quaker plot.


It looks like someone is taking care of the space, but it also looks like a car may have skidded off the turn and took out the fence, along with a few of the stones.  That’s a shame.


A few of the inscriptions caught my eye.  With this one, Mary June, wife of Jacob, was 16 years old.



On the way back I encountered this spring along the trail.  I did not know it was there before.

Finally, here is a shot of Bennet’s Run.  It’s a small stream that runs through the Lewisberry area.  In the spring it gets stocked with fish and is a nice attraction.  One year when we had a lot of rain, the pond at a local farmette overflowed, and the trout got to play with some real exotics.  In the summer, the stream all but dries up.


I was feeling reflective on the ride back.  While cemeteries appear to memorialize the dead, they are actually a testament to the lives of those who have gone before us.  They don’t tell us all that much, but they do say that they lived, they loved, they struggled, and they died.  Just like us.  We need to honor their memories by ensuring that our kids will be able to do the same. 

Distance: 23.8 miles, 2008:  439.3


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