More Room for Stuff

I was able to find a stock of Carradice Pendle saddlebags, and ordered one in green.  I really like the Barley, but I should have done a little more research because it just wasn’t enough for a day tour at 7 liters.  The Pendle, at 11 liters, allows me to carry all of the tools and a tube in one side pocket, a camera, cell phone, and emergency box in the other; and then a whole lot of room in the main compartment.  I should be able to fit a windbreaker, spare shirt, spare socks, maybe even a pair of shorts; as well as a fair amount of food.  Anything more and I should be looking for a pair of panniers.

Here you can see the two.  The Pendle is alot larger, but not overwhelming.

For now I have the Barley mounted on the Cannondale, but I’m not really sure where it will stay.  I might just offer it up for sale, as I have pretty much blown my biking budget for the year.


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