Ride Report: 05.26.08

This morning I did the York Haven/Manchester loop, but took the “power plant’ detour on Wago Road.  That took me past the York Haven dam, and the Brunner Island coal plant.  Then it was up to Mount Wolf and Manchester.  In town I had to take a detour because of the holiday parade forming up.  Over to Strinestown and back home.  Nice ride – warm and sunny.

Fields of Stone: This is a cemetery sitting at the intersection of The Susquehanna Trail and York Haven Road.  I don’t know if its affiliated with a church, but it is fenced and well cared for.  Most of the stones are unreadable, but I was able to pick 1823 off of one of the older style, which btw, appeared to be the red sandstone that is so common around here (Redland).

Misc. miles: 2

Distance: 25.5 miles, 2008:  415.5


One response to “Ride Report: 05.26.08

  1. We have a cemetary around here with dates from the early to mid 1800’s…….next time I’m in that particular area on a ride….I’ll take a few pics.

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