Ride Report: 05.17.08

This morning I ventured down to the HRT.  I figured that I wanted to mix my rides up a bit, and lately my longer ones have involved a fair amount of hills.  So the method to my madness today was to focus on some fairly level terrain with steady spinning.  Plus by not spending too much time on the trail, I don’t get as bored with it like I did last summer.

Conditions were pretty good considering all of the rain yesterday.  There were a few puddles, but the dust was nowhere to be found like it is in the middle of summer.  For the most part, it was a typical HRT ride without anything particular of note – I had the camera along and probably could have stopped to shoot some wildflowers, but it just didn’t cross my mind.

The only real observation was that things were pretty sparse; except for the seniors.  I noticed more and more older folks out getting some exercise, while the younger ones stay inside because it looks a little cloudy.  My hats off to them.

I ended up putting in at York and doing the Pennsylvania side, with a stop every ten miles or so to rest the legs.  They were tired by the end and my butt was a little sore, but if I’m going to get that century in this year, the miles are going to have to go up.

Distance: 40.6 miles  2008: 364.1

One response to “Ride Report: 05.17.08

  1. It’s crazy the excuses we hear. I have an early 40ish coworker who has a motorized bicycle (Harley) and a pedal bike. The motorized bike is in a garage too far from his house.
    I suggested riding his bike to his sisters house where the motor bike is garaged. He can’t because it’s too dark, cold, windy, early in the season, late in the season or too cloudy.

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