Ixon Love

After some minor assembly and allowing the light to get a full charge, I mounted it on the Long Haul Trucker and tried it out.  The casing is hinged and opens in the back to give access to the four batteries.  The charging connection is underneath in the front.  The light itself snaps into the mount, which allows for easily changing between bikes; however the mount itself is pretty easy to remove and change to new bars – so no issues there.

I took it on the ride last night just to see if there might be any problems with how it was mounted to the handlebars.  Although I had my tires inflated up to 80 psi, which is a little higher than normal and quite bouncy, there did not seem to be any issues.  There are also 4 lateral positions that settle in with a click to accomodate different mounting positions on the curvature of bars, etc…

The light is not on…that’s just sunlight reflection.  The LED bulb is actually at the top of the unit, facing down into the mirror.

When I got home and it got dark, I took it out for a short spin.  This unit puts out some serious light.  I didn’t even bother with the low power setting – I went straight to 40 lux.  Just like Peter White describes, it puts out a car lane wide square beam bright enough to light up potholes and cracks.  I need to work on how high to focus it… far enough to give me a clear view of the road, but not high enough to blind on-coming cars.  Speaking of cars; I had two come towards me and the Ixon was bright enough that their lights did not wash out my view of the pavement.  I think I was comfortably cruising along at 12-13mph without any worries.

There is not a whole lot of spill light, so I had to be cautious of turning out of the beam.  There are some reflections that hit the ground right in front of the bike, so I see no need for a small auxilliary like some rando’s use.

Now the downside:  Peter warns of this: I guess the magnetic field of this light is so powerful that it locks up my wireless computer.  It seems to need 6-8 inches between the two for the computer to work, and that just isn’t possible on my bike.  Now, you can’t see the computer at night anyway, but I’m rather anal about tracking my mileage.  I could just re-install the Vetta, but I’ve become accustomed to the nice readout of the Planet Bike.   I think I’ll end up getting a Planet Bike wired unit, but I’m not sure what to do with the wireless.  I could put it on the C’dale and put the Vetta in the parts box; or I could just try to sell the wireless, but it’s hardly worth the effort.  Such problems to have!

Back to the Ixon:  After the first blush, I like it and can see why it costs as much as it does.  It’s much more than just a flashlight mounted on the handlebars.  I think I’m going to find a small plastic case for it to protect the lens from getting scratched when not in use; and I also see a lot more night riding in my future.  Five stars.


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