Cannondale Split Fender

These are some pics of the split rear fender arrangement that I made for the Cannondale.  To recap, the 1 3/8″ tires just barely fit between the tight chainstays with the fender.  So the solution is to cut the fender in half and bend some braces to pull it out around the brake bridge.  I had some chrome stock left over from a rear rack that I was able to use.  Other than that, its a matter of trying to keep a clean looking line by adjusting the fender braces.  The front presents a much harder job because of the fork crown, so I’m going to let it go for now.

I got the idea from River City Cycles.  They sell pre-made braces for this purpose.  The light bracket was a quick fix using some left over stock.  In the past I’ve mounted the light on the fender, but I noticed that the rear half now has quite a bit of bounce, and probably would not support a light very long.

BTW: After I finished mounting the light last night, I pulled both the Cannondale and the Long Haul Trucker out and turned on the backlights.  It’s amazing how much brighter the Blackburn Mars light on the LHT is compared to this slightly older Nashbar model.  I really think it might be too much to use it on flash after dark!


One response to “Cannondale Split Fender

  1. Very nice.

    As to having too much rear light?

    I refer you to this YouTube video of the back half of my Surly with all the lights on….

    If some’s good, more’s better and too much ain’t enough.

    If a driver runs into the back of me at night….I want the cop writing up the accident scene to ask the driver of the car that creamed me…

    “What, you didn’t see him?”

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