Let There Be Light!

Since the good folks in Washington DC figured that I needed some extra cash to stimulate the economy, I took the plunge and decided on a Busch and Muller IXON IQ (pronouced “icks-on.”)

There have been a couple of instances lately where I could have ridden a bike to attend a meeting or run an errand, had I felt comfortable with a good headlamp.  At 40 lux, this little sucker should light up the pavement and then some.  I also opted for a battery unit, partly for the cost, partly for the quick charge time, definitely for the long run time (7 hours compared to 90 minutes for my Cygolight), and also since I can move it from bike to bike and use it as a flashlight if necessary.  Another factor that steered me towards a battery unit was that there are some hills in the area where I find myself grinding along at 5-6 mph.  That’s right on the line for a dynamo light and I didn’t want to take any chances.

If I really get into touring, I can add a dynamo wheel and a B&M Ride and Charge.  That will let me run the light off of the batteries, but then recharge them in the day using the dynamo.  In essence, the light becomes a battery charger, allowing the batteries to be used for other things if necessary.

Finally, you can charge the batteries while they are still in the light (no disassembly), so its really convenient.

Hopefully the staff at Peter White can get it shipped soon, and I might actually do some night riding next week!


2 responses to “Let There Be Light!

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how this works out for you. I have the shimano light (LP-R6000), and it’s just barely enough on dark back roads.

    Being able to recharge off the dynohub is really cool!

  2. I already received a shipping notice from them, and I ordered it this afternoon. That’s pretty good service!

    You might want to think about a B&M IQ Fly. They also generate 40 lux and supposedly fire up at a pretty low speed. That’s got to be better than the Shimano light, and should work well with your hub.

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