Ride Report: 04.29.08

While my son had baseball practice, I took a basic fitness ride around Newberry Township.  Riding only twice a week lately shows my lack of fitness, though; as my legs are pretty sore today.  The middle 8 miles was against a pretty stiff headwind, so it was a matter of shifting down a gear or two and slugging away.  I should have just gone with the flow instead of trying to push it too much.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasing ride.  Being the firewood scrounge that I am, I’ve taken note of quite a few trees that have been cut down by the Right of Way guys and just left in the yards.  I think this Saturday I might load up a saw in the Pig and go knocking on doors.  Given the price of fuel oil, I think I’m going to be doing a lot of that.

I picked up a USB file transfer cable yesterday, and then set up both our computers last night.  As soon as they booted, a program called Thunderbird fired up and gave me the directories for both computers, with drag and drop access – sweet!  I transferred a bunch of stuff, but I also need to take the opportunity to organize our files a little better.  We had been using XP Home, but everyone would just use my screen to do their stuff anyway.  So I’m now going to create some folders and try to sort through stuff.  Hopefully I’ll be able to then clean up the old computer.

After walking through the computer store (Alliance in Camp Hill), I realized even more what a great deal we got off of Ebay; and also that I shouldn’t spend another dime to upgrade the old one.  I opened up the new one the other night, thinking I could chain the hard drives together…I was lost.  My how things have changed!

Next year I’ll need to score a big laptop for my daughter; I’ll probably take the same route.

Ooh, almost forgot.  Dave Moulton has a nice article on waving, HERE.  I wave whenever I can, especially to cars that appear to take extra care either passing or at an intersection or wherever.  I had a nice experience last night when I came to a blind intersection, but the truck pulling up on the other side had a clear view.  I usually sit and listen for cars, but this driver waited, looked, and then waved me through.  I gave him a big thanks and a wave back.  If you have a chance, read Dave’s post.

Distance: 15.4 miles  2008: 217.8


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