My daughter passed her driver’s test yesterday, and has been driving my car all over creation for the past 24 hours.  Right now she is running an errand for me and then going to the mall…except a thunderboomer has broken out with a pretty strong downpour.  So the warning is not so much for my daughter, but for her nervous dad.

I was a bit concerned about whether she would pass the parallel parking part.  She really didn’t practice until the night before=we had the Pig and some plastic trash cans set up out in the street.  I finally decided that my helping her was just confusing the issue and I should let her go.  Sure enough, she aced that part first thing in her test.

Also, I’m typing this on our “new” Dell.  We pleasantly discovered that since we paid the most for any computer they sold that day, we got a free 19″ plasma monitor with the deal; sweet.  I guess that makes sense since its probably the biggest system they sold that day.  This sucker sure is fast.  I still haven’t transferred anything, but I’ll get to it.

Anyway, back to pacing the family room waiting for the squirt to return.


One response to “Warning…

  1. Our daughter inherited our old Subie this year….she drives from close to Allentown to York when she comes home from school.

    Drives my wife nuts…with the anxiety.


    The car has airbags and our daughter is a careful driver…so what’s the point in worrying?

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