Soccer Update

-very little riding due to rainy weather and schedule – we’re in the midst of both baseball and soccer, plus a boatload of activities at church.

Our church did a Christian Battle of the Bands event on Saturday, with outfits coming in from Jersey, Nashville, and points more local; for a smashing success.  For anyone who has preconceptions about kids with tattoos, noserings, and playing loud music; you need to visit one of these events.  It was a real eye opener.

Onward to Sunday with the weather taking a turn for the wet.  Our team travelled to Mechanicsburg to face what we thought would be a pretty evenly matched opponent.  However the downpour and the thunder apparently scared most of them away, and they had to forfeit.  So with most of our roster there, and about five of their girls, and a ref who gets paid regardless; we offered to split the teams up and have an informal training scrimmage.  By then it was just intermittant showers.

As the two coaches socialized, the trainer (me) got to run the show.  I had some fun with moving one of our best defenders up to the front.  She has phenomenal leg for clearing the ball, but lately she hasn’t been showing the speed she is known for.  That changed yesterday as she appeared re-invigorated up front, and scored a really impressive long ball goal from the sideline.  The arc was perfect – going over the keeper’s hands and just catching the upper corner of the far post.

Overall I was very pleased with the passing and communication.  The girls seemed to like the mud, and did well.  Most of all, I was pleased that so many came out on a miserable day.  I hope I don’t jinx the team, but if they keep playing at this level they are going to finish very high in the rankings.



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