Bike Pic of the Day

I started up my lunchtime walks again yesterday and could have kicked myself for not taking my camera along.  On Third Street was a Saab wagon parked with a Santana tandem on the roof.  Carbon tubing and lots of bits, plus titanium break-apart couplers.  I stopped to look at it just as the owner was walking up so I had a very brief conversation.

I forgot the camera again today, but saw so many bikes I decided to go back and get it.  I found this unicycle locked up on North Street.  I’d love to see this guy commuting.  Later on I ran across a very new Marin Larkspur.  They have really upgraded them since my 2001 model, but they have also switched the frames over to aluminum.

Mini rant:  This goes out to the women of the world.  When you are standing in a line to pay for your food, there is no rule against having your money out and ready to pay once you reach the register.  We realize that you can’t help yourselves when the “salad bar syndrome” takes over and you have to hover over the selections for an inordinate amount of time, but for God’s sake, once you’ve made your choices and it’s time to pay, get out the bills and be ready to move the line along.  Waiting until you hear the total and then digging through your purse and wallet for exact change just isn’t winning you any friends.  That is all.


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