Ride Report: 04.13.08

It was a busy weekend, but I finally managed to get out last night for a ride.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I had it in my head that I wanted to stay on a fairly flat route to save my legs so I could take a ride this evening as well.  But sure enough, I ended up taking a few turns into an area I had not been into for a while…and has some of the more challenging hills in the area to boot.

So it was into Fairview Twp., then Monaghan, then into Newberry.  Right about the middle of all this is Moore’s Mountain.  I thought I was being smart by avoiding Highland Avenue, but I kept going on Andersontown Road, which eventually ends up on top.  The only tougher climb is going up nearby Roundtop.

Just before things started getting tough, I had to stop and snap this pic:

I guess there are times when Fluffy or Spot get a little tired of hanging out around the house, and need a vacation.  I wonder if they do crafts and learn canoeing?

Fields of Stone:  Right up the road is the Andersontown Church with cemetery.  To be honest, I don’t know if the church is still in use; and again, this plot seems a bit larger than the targets of this project, but it was there and I had the camera:

Most of the stones in the front appeared to be late 1800’s.  I’m curious to know if there was a particular person who carved stones for the area back then, and how it was done.  All of the script appears uniform, almost like a machine/template of some sort was used.  I’ll need to do some research.

When I have time, I’ll try to pick some routes where there are some smaller, less obvious plots than the last two.

I finished up the ride at a brisk clip down Space Highway, feeling pretty good.  However this morning my legs are quite sore and its been a diet of ibuprofen.  I’ll try a walk at lunchtime to try to loosen things up.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 18 miles  2008: 177.8


2 responses to “Ride Report: 04.13.08

  1. A casual walk will do wonders for your legs. Lots of stretching after the ride may solve most of that.

    Coincidently, I have been running into lots of old cemeteries lately. Some can be very cool.

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment that I really like the “Fields of Stone” photo series. I’ve always been interested in older places and trying to piece together from clues who lived there and what it looked like years ago. There’s one small graveyard I’ve seen from 83 south of York in the middle of a farmers field. I’ve wondered many times about it. Anyway, I second the stretching comment. Plus one thing that I’ve learned from my trainer rides in the winter where I’m riding along with a video is that a little light pedaling at the beginning and the end of a ride (5-10 min.) Does wonders for how I feel the next day too.

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