Ride Report: 03.29.08

I didn’t make it to Grantham on Saturday, but I did manage to get in a brief ride around the township.  I had a little bit of a fubar with the rear light.  I was hearing a rattle, which I thought was the rear light not seating properly in the bracket that I had configured for it, so I “modified” it with some electrical tape.  Unfortunately, the rattle that I was hearing was actually the rear fender bridge attachment, and the tape made the light actually less stable.  The result was that the fender was vibrating more…the light was less secure…and you guessed it…I lost the light during the ride.

Fortunately I had a pretty good idea where it would have happened (not far from the house), but re-riding the route on Saturday failed to find the light.  I suspected that when the plastic hit the pavement, the light took a healthy bounce, and that someone probably picked it up.  On Sunday, on a whim when I was fixing the fender, I again took a short ride and spotted the light laying in the grass, no worse for wear.  So now all is well, and my rear fender is now secured to the bike using ny-locks instead of the brass bolts that came with it.

Fields of Stone:  This cemetery sits along Old Rosstown Road just outside of Lewisberry.  It’s easy to miss because it sits above the road in a clump of trees, but for a bike rider that’s looking to take a short cut and avoid the four way intersection, it sticks out as you come down the hill.


I had previously spoken to someone about it, and this day a neighbor was out in her yard watching me take these snaps.  She said that the plot had been larger, but several of the graves were relocated to the nearby Emanuel Cemetary when they put in the road.  Emanuel is the “local” cemetery for long time Lewisberry residents – others use the Tri-County Gardens out by the interstate.  Most of these graves are Revolutionary War veterans.  This marker appears to be a replacement, but note the DOD – 1841.


It doesn’t look like anyone is taking care of the place, and given the condition of many of the markers, I doubt it will last another twenty years.  Probably at some point the remaining markers should be moved over to Emanuel.


Distance: 11.8 miles  2008: 137.5


2 responses to “Ride Report: 03.29.08

  1. Not sure why but I love going to old cemetery’s and find old headstones. Nice find.

  2. The image with the fence, running across that ridge?

    It’s a really great picture.

    I’m glad you’re working on this.

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