Wrenching and Randomness

I’ve been working on a fender mount for my Blackburn Blinkie.  The light has a clip which allows it to handily mount on a small strap on the back of my Carradice bag.  The problem is that when the bag is not completely full, the strap sags slightly and the light is pointed at a downward angle.  It’s still possible to see the light, however when it’s tilted correctly, the LEDs are wickedly bright.  Since I’ve been riding at dusk alot, and on some cloudy evenings, I’ve had the light on flash quite a bit.



So it’s not my best work, but it sure is an improvement.  The light comes with a bracket that would normally fit a seat post.  I took a piece of steel stock; cut it, bent it, drilled it, fit it with ny-locks; and then cut off the straps on the light mount and drilled and mounted that.  The light itself snaps in and out quite easily, and now it points directly at on-coming cars.  All that’s left is to mask it off and spray it with some black Krylon.

I also decided to try tying off my Selle Titanico.  My thighs have always tended to rub on leather saddles and this one proves no different.  At some point I’d like to try a Brooks B17 Narrow, but this seems to be doing the trick for now.


On my ride last night I noticed a lot of blue Miller Light beer cans along the side of the road.  At first I thought maybe somebody’s recycling tub had overturned and the wind did it’s trick; but then I started seeing them in random spots along my whole root.  I guess it must be a popular brew in these parts.  Back in my drinking days, I couldn’t stand the stuff.  It had no taste and wreaked havoc on my digestive tract.  Go figure!


One response to “Wrenching and Randomness

  1. I have a Brooks 17. I have read about a break in time, but mine felt perfect from the first ride. I have a B67 on the commuter. That one took a while and I found needs to be on an upright style bike.

    I also have the same problem with my rear blinkie on the bag. It points down but it is still very visible. The darker it is the more visible the light. Dusk is so-so.

    I’m with you on Miller beer. It may be even worse than Bud. Or at least, just as bad.

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