Ride Report: 03.15.08

‘loaded up the LHT in “the pig” and drove down to the Heritage Trail.  In trying to get my fitness back up, I wanted to increase my miles, but I also figured that some steady state spinning would do me some good.  After spending so much time on the trail last year, I have decided not to overdo it this season.  It just gets boring, seeing the same scenery and miles.  Still, I had a good ride and felt it in my legs by the time I was finished.  It’s funny because two years ago at this point 21 miles would have been a big accomplishment for me.  Now its become a tune-up ride.

The trail is in good shape.  It’s obvious the winter has been mild, but also it’s obvious the county has been working  to keep downed trees cleared.  There was no standing water anywhere – not even overly muddy spots, which was a surprise considering the rain we’ve had.

I did take the camera, but discovered that the batteries were nearly dead when I finally found something to snap.  The trail was very lightly travelled.  I put in at Brillhart Station and rode to Glen Rock.  There were occasional groups of joggers; and I only saw two bikes until I turned around: a guy walking his MTB (I offered tools but he said he was close enough to his car to keep walking) and a fellow riding a recumbent.  I think I’m probably one of those biking snobs that secretly is derisive of “bent bikes.”  I can’t get used to the idea of lying down to ride.

On the way back, around 10am, things started to pick up and I passed quite a few groups of bikes – mostly families getting some fresh air, and a few “serious” looking riders.  Made a couple stops just to rest my legs and bum; and near the end I had the acute sensation of hunger.  I took care of that once I got home.

Later that afternoon I cleaned and lubed the LHT, and played around with the C’dale a bit.  Here’s the pic of the fender mount.  I now think that I will cannabalize the other fender that I have in order to complete the coverage:


Distance: 21.7 miles  2008: 77.5

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